Our Mission

To help dogs in urgent need find safe, loving homes.

The Mission of The Search is Rover is simple:

To help potential rescue adopters find dogs who urgently need homes in Athens, GA and the surrounding area through our blog and social media posts; to connect adopters with local shelters and services within a 120 mile radius of Athens, GA; and to help those with a longer timeline, with specific personalities of dogs needed, find successful adoption through our customized Pawfect Match service for a small fee.

Mr. Wiggles is one of  TSIR Founder  Holly’s favorite rescue dogs

Mr. Wiggles is one of TSIR Founder Holly’s favorite rescue dogs

Holly Crymes, of The Search is Rover

Holly Crymes, of The Search is Rover

Our Services

Here at The Search is Rover, we love to help Connect Potential Adopters with dogs in urgent need: by connecting adopters with shelters and rescue groups, and through the TSIR website and social media posts. We’ll do whatever we can to help a dog in need find a home right away at no charge.

If you have a longer timeline, or special needs for your family, existing pets, or lifestyle try our Pawfect Match service. Through Pawfect Match we can be on the lookout for a rescue dog in need who also meets your family’s needs. Try Pawfect Match by filling out this simple form today:



As far back as I can remember, animals have played a huge role in my life. I was fortunate enough to grow up with dogs, and there have been very few times in my life when I didn’t have one. Honestly, the thought of coming home and not being greeted with their wiggly enthusiasm- whether I just went to the mailbox or went away on a trip - is hard to wrap my head around.

Anyone that knows me, in person or through social media, knows all too well my passion to help animals, and speak up for and share those that have no voice; the strays, the owner surrenders, the abused, the neglected, the overbred, the underfed, the seniors, the “pitty” mixes, etc. The list is endless and it’s through no fault of their own.

So through the years, more and more people have started asking me to help them find, for themselves or a friend, a rescue dog they could take in as their own. I’ve come to realize over time that the more people I could help find a pet, the better the chances of shelter animals making it out alive and into a home. Looking for a new pet can be so overwhelming, whether searching online or in person.

I want to help by acting as the “middle man”, and make a match that could otherwise go unnoticed. The greatest gift can come in the most unusual wrapping, the type you wouldn’t pick out for yourself, and that’s where we come in; to show you what’s on the inside before you judge the outside.

What I want to do here though pales in comparison to the enormous effort shelter workers, volunteers (and volunteer organizations), rescues, fosters, etc put in to saving as many lives as possible, when all too often it goes unnoticed. It angers me to no end. Many are blind as to what goes on behind the scenes because it’s too loud, it’s too sad, it’s just too much to witness. For those that are literally hands on with these animals, caring for them day in and day out, I have the utmost admiration. Most simply cannot imagine how hard it can be, and how heartless some people can be. When I started tinkering with the idea of this site I knew I had to get behind the scenes a little to understand how it works, and it WAS so hard, SO overwhelming. Sometimes I left in tears, but other times I left with a deep sense of gratitude that I was able to love on so many dogs that have never felt the human touch from anyone other than those at the shelter.

Our mission is simple: to work with local shelters and rescues and provide a central location to match up adopters with animals in urgent need of homes. The search is based on factors such as lifestyle, personality and temperament; not on breed and looks alone. Bottom line, we do the match and the shelter/rescue does the adoption.

Choosing to adopt a rescue animal is a huge decision, a lifetime commitment, and when you find your match it will be one of the most rewarding decisions you can make. TSIR wants to help you in the process while at the same time helping the dogs that desperately need homes.

So welcome to The Search Is Rover! To say I’m excited to take my passion to a new level of service through this site would be an understatement!

Holly Crymes, Founder of The Search is Rover

Holly and her husband Scott with their four rescues and one foster

Holly and her husband Scott with their four rescues and one foster

Adopters tell the stories of how they met their new best friends…