About Our PAWFECT MATCH Service:

As you probably know by now, my husband Scott and I love rescue dogs! Currently our family has four of our own and one foster. I think rescues make the very best pets because they have experienced the loneliness of being abandoned to a shelter and are so happy to have a safe, warm and loving home. Over the years I’ve learned the ins and outs of finding rescues by adopting my own dogs and by helping lots of friends and family find one as well. I’ve learned how to look for dogs that urgently need homes who also work well with the adopters’ existing family-member-pets and meet other adopter needs such as dog personality or breed types that best suit their type of home or lifestyle and work schedule. If you have a longer timeline and have more specific needs for your family, I’d love to actively be on the lookout for a new rescue for you to adopt through my Pawfect Match Service! I will search within 120 miles of Athens, GA to find you the “Pawfect Match,” and then will connect you with a dog in need of a home who also best works for you or your family. After we make the match, you’ll take the normal steps to adopt your dog through the shelter or rescue organization so you can take home your four-legged friend.

A Few Things to Know About Adoption:

Adopting through a SHELTER vs. adopting through a RESCUE program

Every dog that lands at a SHELTER –whether stray or owner surrender – is cared for by the shelter workers and the volunteers daily. For some of the dogs, the shelter knows history of the dog, and of course for some of the dogs they don’t know anything. Shelter staff who work with these dogs tries to find out over time what the dog’s likes and dislikes are, how they interact with other dogs, cats, kids, etc., so that when potential adopters come along the shelter can relay to them as much information as possible and decide if the dog will be a good fit for your family. The cost to adopt at a shelter varies, but is usually less than adopting through a rescue group.

Adopting though a RESCUE group is typically more expensive. However, you will also learn much more about each dog since they have been living with a foster family. Over time, foster families learn so much about the rescue dog: the temperament, if they are potty-trained, how they do in a crate, etc. Any issues can be addressed prior to the adoption. However, the applicant may be subject to a home inspection by the rescue facility, which does bother some people. But it shouldn’t if you don’t have anything to hide! It’s only to ensure the future health and welfare of the dog they have been so lovingly caring for. If you are reluctant to a home inspection, perhaps shelter is the better option.


Simply fill out this form so I can get started on helping you find your perfect dog to adopt! Once I receive your information, if I think I can help you find a rescue with your specific needs, I ask for a one-time $75.00 payment to get a search started for your dog (see my easy-pay, secured link at the bottom of this page).. Before you adopt we can discuss whether you’ll be interacting with a shelter or a rescue and any third party fees that might be involved, or a private party.

100% of the money from this donation goes to help defray the costs of keeping TSIR up and running by sharing information about dogs who urgently need homes, as well as supporting the connection between potential adopters and local rescue and shelter service providers whenever possible. Thank you in advance for your support of The Search is Rover!

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To get started with our search for your new dog, make sure you fill out the form above. Our normal one-time $125 donation to TSIR to help defray just a fraction of our costs is now ONLY $75 for a limited time! Simply click this easy pay link and either sign up (takes seconds) or use your existing PayPal account to pay! Like any PayPal transaction, the connection is fully secure. 100% of your donation goes toward supporting our TSIR mission of helping connect dogs in the most urgent need with immediate homes through this website, our social media, and personal efforts to connect potential adopters with shelters and rescues in the greater Athens, GA area. Thank you for your support of The Search Is Rover!
!!TSIR SPECIAL!!: Try Pawfect Match for just $75! Write “CODE LOVE” into the payment window or Adopter Survey “Other” Area.

Want to Search On Your Own?

I’m happy to help wherever I can, but if you’d like to do some searching on your own, please take advantage of our great online resources for adopting a shelter or rescue dog: