Meet Some Favorite Friends

Anyone who’s ever adopted or fostered a rescue dog, has a beautiful story of love and devotion to tell.

Here at The Search is Rover we believe in matching dogs in urgent need with their perfect humans!
Here are just a few of our favorite rescue friends and their owners…


The story of Brodi: “The rescue dog who rescued me,” by Ed Allen

We had lost our sweet Olive to cancer. I have always had a dog and was pretty down after her death, like I cried every day for a month. One day, Page called me to the computer and showed me a shelter dog being fostered in Griffin. We fell in love with the story and pictures, so off we went… We drove to Griffin to meet with the Fosters. Two beautiful women met us with a hug and smile. Of course, I knew that Brodi was going to be a lucky boy. Then the 30 minute cross examination on who the adoptive family was going to be. Humbled to say the least. Grateful to see their love of Brodi. Brodi is so laid back that he laid down and went to sleep. We passed as parents so here we come, back to Athens.The fairy tale  begins. He was right at home. Walked into our house and peed on Page's favorite chair. Now it was officially his house. We do everything together. Sleep in the same room and watch TV every night. He took me to my dog training and to his vet. Daily walks and talks together. He gets up two times a night and checks on Page and me. He eats the best food, etc. What is special about him is that we are everything in his life. He is everything in our life. We go to our condo at the beach. He loves the ocean and running on the beach. He loves the mountains and the woods. We hike Panther Creek and Tallulah Falls. We hike Lake Herrick, here in Athens. He goes to doggie play-day at Muddy Paws to socialize and play.



The story of Clover, formerly known as Piglet

We had our last dog, Peach for nearly 16 years. She was abandoned and found by my husband’s grad students. She was a great dog. After Peach passed on and we felt ready, I began looking through the website Petango – it accesses many animal shelters and rescue groups. You can sort on anything. I put in female, good with kids, good with dogs, and less than 25 miles. Up came Clover. We filled out our application; however, there was another family ahead of us for Clover. Then, we got a call that the other family had an issue and would we want to meet Clover? We said of course. Well, the rest is history. She’s been with us now for almost five months. She’s integrated into our crazy, extended family that could include a minimum of three and up to eight young adults. There’s never a dull moment here, and she’s right in the mix.

This summer she went to the beach with us. I’m not even sure she had ever seen sand or waves. We took her walking early every morning before the beach became hot and crowded. When no one was there, she was allowed to run off leash on a tidal sand bar. However, one morning while she was chasing seabirds, she ran into water over her head between the sand bar and the mainland. You should’ve seen the astonished look on her face when she hit the water (rut-ro???). Not knowing if she could swim, I jumped in, but she was swimming like a champ!

They say you never replace a dog, but we’ve found room in our hearts for this new girl. Now, if only she’d stay off the dining room table….but that’s another story.



The incredible story of Rosey, the rescue dog

Before I share this story, Rosey’s family wanted to let all know how much they appreciate ACR and Melissa Shockey for taking in Rosey, nursing her back to health and introducing them to her. They love Rosey so so much and are forever grateful! — Holly

Rosey has been so wonderful, and adopting her was such a great decision. She has integrated herself very well with our other two pups and is as happy as can be.

She is a master of tug-of-war and we can’t yet find any toys she isn’t able to destroy, but we keep searching for something he can’t obliterate.

Right now her favorite pastime is playing with her older sisters Nina, and doing laps around the house in hot pursuit. Every time she makes her way back to our living room she leaps onto our rug in preparation for another round of play-fighting. It is adorable.

She has been very quick at making friends, both at Pawtropolis and at our local dog park, Southeast Clark Park, and never seems to run out of energy.

For a young lady who was abused as badly as she was before we knew her in her infancy, she is as loving and happy as they come, and we couldn’t be happier with having her be a part of the family. :)



Piper, the rescue dog also known as “Pip”

These are some of my favorite pictures of Pip! Whenever we go for a walk, she always pulls her ears just as far back as she can get them and her nose doesn’t leave the ground. She’s always sniffing around and can spot another dog or person well before I can see them and loves playing in the sand at the volleyball court. She’s never shy about saying hi to everyone she meets; I have to keep her from knocking people over with her tail because she gets so excited! We love to go for car rides, especially to get coffee because she knows she’s getting a puppuccino too. We also love going to visit my parents because they have a huge back yard and can chase the neighbors’ dogs along the fence line. She likes cats, but they aren’t too fond of her because of the way she likes to play (she likes to use her paws, but they’re just so big! Sometimes she’s a bit of a flight risk, but you can always get her back by chasing her for a while then running the opposite way. Piper is absolutely one of the sweets dogs I’ve ever met, and seeing her tail wag so hard it hits her face when I get home from work or school is always the best part of my day. Officially, I adopted her, but I’m convinced I’m just as much hers as she is mine. I love this dog to death and hope I get to see her butt wiggles for many, many years to come.



Meet Maggie, the rescue dog formerly known as Junebug

Our dogs love to get in the Jeep when they are outside alone. Maggie started that! She’s so funny. Loves to wiggle on her back and play with toys and relax on the couch...



The story of Radar the Rescue Dog

I was rescued last Christmas. My humans did a one week trial with me. When mom first met me, she said absolutely not. She said I was too big. But I won her over. I’m really an oversized lap dog and I cuddled my way into her heart.

I think every dog should get to find humans like I found. They give me really yummy treats and I have my own bed! I like the humans’ bed, but mine makes me feel safe when they aren’t around. They always make sure to say bye before they leave and they tell me when they will be back. I don’t know why the tell me…I can’t read clocks.

I really love to play with other dogs. Mom takes me to the dog park several times a week and we play with the ball. Don’t tell mom, but she’s kinda boring to play with. I would much rather play with other dogs than her, but if there are no dogs around, I guess her throwing the tennis ball is fine.

All in all though, I love my humans. And they love me. I know they love me because mom says it like a million times a day and tells me I’m handsome. I really have the best forever home.


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