The Story of Our Logo


Our web designer and her daughter have a rescue dog of their own…

When our web designer’s daughter was just twelve, she started creating illustrations of dogs like these below, based on her own rescue dog, a Pomeranian named Romeo— and other poms they’ve met along the way.

The Thrashers first spotted Romeo in their neighborhood one day, when a friend came running up from the river hollering that she saw a dog floating on a log. Their friend Nina pulled him out of the river shivering and matted, and he jumped right into the Thrashers’ truck!

They gave the little Pom a bath, then searched far and wide for the dog’s owners, but never found anyone in the neighborhood or on Facebook who would claim him, so after their vet checked for a chip (there was none) and checked with local and state databases as well, she said to the family, “Looks like you have a new dog!”

Romeo’s been protecting the Thrashers ever since (he thinks he’s a big and powerful dog after what the vet thinks was at least a year of living in the wild!)


Holly just loved the drawings Frances had made, so she had her make one of Mr. Wiggles…and The Search Is Rover logo was born: