Dear Jerry

Holly’s love letter to Jerry, and all the sweet dogs who don’t find a home…

Dear Jerry,

I hope you’re having a blast on the other side of the rainbow bridge. Running and playing, smiling; enjoying this newfound freedom, and just loving getting your belly rubbed. You deserve it. When you came to the shelter as a stray you were hungry, tired and so very afraid. You were living on the streets, abandoned by your humans, because you were of no use to them anymore, or they just had no time for you. So we took you in. Every single stray and surrender we take in... every single day. It never ends. We put you in a run of your own, gave you a bed and food and as you remember the shelter workers and other people came and played with you and took you out to run as much as they could. Life was definitely better than before. People would come to visit a lot and you got so excited, But they always just kept walking. Its not that no one wanted you, they just didn't understand you. You were naturally sooo excited, but being excited and having a square jaw and a broad chest and funny ears can be intimidating to some; so everyone just kept walking. you stood there in the front corner of the run, wiggling that little tail watching them until they were out of your sight. Then laid down patiently waiting for them to come back. But they never did... and then more and more dogs kept coming in. The shelter was beyond full and your name was finally called.

When they took you out of your run that day you were so excited. Thinking OMG I'm going home today; not sure where home is but I’m going!! I know you wondered why they were crying when they took you back inside this room instead and laid you down and kept saying they tried so hard. You wondered why everyone was so sad when you were finally going to be free! they were crying because they did everything in their power to find you a new home. Everything! They loved you. But there are all these people out there that don’t spay and neuter their dogs so you guys multiply like you wouldn't believe. people move somewhere where they cant have dogs, they lose their job, their home, their willingness to take care of you. Some with legitimate excuses but some absolutely didn't deserve you in the first place. It's impossible to understand and accept why so many of you guys end up here, but i promise we will continue to try and save as many as we can.

So Jerry, please understand we love you and will never ever forget you! Run free sweet boy, run fast and free.

The sweet boy made it out alive, after his post went viral…but so very many don’t make it out of the shelters.

The sweet boy made it out alive, after his post went viral…but so very many don’t make it out of the shelters.

So many pitty’s and shepherds don’t get adopted because they are misunderstood...
— Holly Crymes