Please Give Zelda a Chance!

Someone please give this sweet girl a chance! If she was a fluffy little doodle with the same sweet temperament, she would have been adopted within hours/ days I’m sure. Don’t judge her from the outside. None of us have a choice how we look when we are born but some certainly do have to work sooooo much harder to prove they are worthy of love ❤️ Read below for more information about this special dog who really needs a home…


Zelda has been at the shelter since early October. She is the longest resident by TWO entire months. Four entire months in her kennel at Athens-Clarke County Animal Control.

And we are genuinely surprised.

Zelda is arguably one of the best dogs to have come through our shelter. She’s adjusted well. She continues to do well, despite her time here. She knows many tricks, she’s worked on leash skills, and she so genuinely loves people.

At Petsmart on Saturday, she did incredible. People passing by couldn’t believe just how well behaved she was. She greeted everyone happily, including other dogs!

She so desperately needs a family. She is so incredibly deserving of one.

We are hoping that someone will give this girl a chance. Every bit of her is perfect (at least we think so.)

Are you her person?