The Story of Our Logo


Our web designer and her daughter had an idea…

Our web designer Beth and her daughter Frances have a rescue of their own, named Romeo. The crazy thing is that Romeo is a rescue-pure-bred-Pomeranian— not a breed typically in need of a home!

Beth and Frances were playing near the river one day when a neighborhood girl came running up from the water’s edge hollering that a small dog was stuck on a log. Their friend Nina went to help and pulled the shivering, matted dog from the river. He was all of 7 pounds and just a few inches tall, but somehow managed to jump up into the Thrashers’ truck and they took him home and gave him a bath. The next step was to visit their veterinarian to see if he had a chip, but he didn’t. They searched far and wide looking for Romeo’s owners with the help of the Georgia databases, but there was no match. They posted his picture on Facebook and the neighborhood listserv, but to no avail. That’s when their vet said, “Looks like you have a dog!” This little dog it turns out had been picked up by several other families over the past few months, but he kept running away… until he found the Thrashers.

We love that our web designer and her family are rescue people! Romeo is the sweetest dog, and he barks fiercely at anyone who visits— he thinks he’s a guard dog!

Holly liked the drawing Frances had made of her Romeo so much, she asked if she’d draw one of Mr. Wiggles, and The Search is Rover logo was born! Frances was only twelve when she made these drawings.. we think she’s got a real future ahead of her!