Radar's (happy!) Story... The Reason We Foster...And You Should Too!

Hi! So as many of you are aware, Scott and I started fostering a couple of years ago. He will tell you as well as I can that it has been one of the most rewarding experiences ever! To bring a dog into a home that was previously at a shelter, and before that who knows, and watch them come alive and thrive is truly the best!. Then when their forever family finds them and takes them home, yes you get a little sad, but you get a story and pictures like the ones below and you smile big and know you’re doing the right thing!

So here is the first story I wanted to share about one of our fosters, Radar (the one with the ear!). More stories on our other fosters to come, including Junebug who is in the picture running with Radar!

Hi there! My name is Radar. As you can guess, the name comes from my ear…it’s always up. We’re not sure why. It just is. I like it though…it’s like an antenna and I am always on high alert. 

 I’ve attached some pictures of myself. As you will see, most of them are on the couch. That’s because my humans have the best couch. THE BEST. I love to snoozle on the couch. My humans try to sit next to each other and put me on the end, but I wedge myself between them every time…it’s like they can’t figure out that’s MY SPOT.

I was rescued last Christmas. My humans did a one week trial with me. When mom first met me, she said absolutely not. She said I was too big. But I won her over. I’m really an oversized lap dog and I cuddled my way into her heart. 

 I think every dog should get to find humans like I found. They give me really yummy treats and I have my own bed! I like the humans’ bed, but mine makes me feel safe when they aren’t around. They always make sure to say bye before they leave and they tell me when they will be back. I don’t know why the tell me…I can’t read clocks.

I really love to play with other dogs. Mom takes me to the dog park several times a week and we play with the ball. Don’t tell mom, but she’s kinda boring to play with. I would much rather play with other dogs than her, but if there are no dogs around, I guess her throwing the tennis ball is fine. 

 All in all though, I love my humans. And they love me. I know they love me because mom says it like a million times a day and tells me I’m handsome. I really have the best forever home. 


Radar :)

radar and sis hanging out.jpg
Radar on couch w mom.JPG
radar on bed.jpg
radar on another bed.jpg