Saying goodbye and saying hello

When we lose a pet, we lose a part of our heart; a part of our soul.  Everyone mourns differently – some say they will never, or at least not anytime soon, get another pet again because they can’t bare that pain again, and some immediately start looking for another. I do the latter, I start looking again right away. Not to replace the one I lost, but to fill a void that surely can’t be filled when I walk in my house everyday with no wagging tails to greet me. I just can’t imagine. Plus, if you adopt, you are immediately saving another dog’s life. It’s a win/win in my book! :)

 As a matter of fact, back in 2009, it was just your typical Tuesday workday. I woke up and went downstairs to get some coffee. Went over to the couch to wake to up Buck, my 110 pound chocolate lab pointer mix, since he wasn’t already up and begging for breakfast. I said “Wake up Buck! Time to eat!” He doesn’t move… I said it again, closer to him and a little louder…”Come on buddy! Time to eat!” He still doesn’t move. I start to panic and feel a lump in my throat, a knot in my stomach, and tears welling up in my eyes…I knew. I call my sister Laurie, who is on her way to work in Gainesville, and she of course turns around to come to me. When she gets to my house we huddle around Buck yelling once again “WAKE UP BUCK! PLEEEEASE WAKE UP!!” We both knew he was gone already but continued to beg him to wake up…perhaps some divine intervention would bring him back to me. But it wasn’t to be. My nephew Drew came over and had to lift him into my car so I could carry his body to the vet. Buck had been diagnosed with Atrial Septal Defect, or a hole in the heart, not long after I got him. The cardio vet said he could live a good long life, but this disease could also take him way too soon, in a second, and that it did. I didn’t get to say goodbye. That wrecked me.

 Buck was a part of my 3-pack at the time which included Knox and Emerson. My sweet Knox had died of cancer the year prior, and Emerson died months later of old age and I do believe a broken heart as he never was the same after Knox died. So with the last of my trio gone, I didn’t even want to go home to that awful sound of silence. To avoid that, my sister let me dog-sit one of her dogs, Houser, to help fill the space where Buck was just days before. About a week later, I found Bella, my now 10 year-old lab. She was the last one of a litter that no one wanted, nor did the owner want her anymore, so I brought her home. I still missed Buck, I missed them all, but it was immediate relief to have her home with me. Of course, over the years, after I married Scott, we got a few more dogs….Reagan, then Mr. Wiggles, then Hooch. We had a clan once again. They all had a sad past, but we promised them the best future we could offer, and of course thy reciprocated. 

 Dogs don’t live long enough and it’s not fair. We all know that. It hurts like hell when they leave us and cross the Rainbow Bridge.  I promise you though, if you adopt another dog soon after, it’s ok! It’s not implying that you are “’over” the dog you just lost. You are making space in your heart for another who will love you unconditionally….and as I said earlier, you’ll be saving a life and making space for the new strays and surrenders that will be coming in the shelter right behind them.

 And that’s where comes in. It can be a little overwhelming when you start your search….where to begin, who would be a good fit,  etc.  You simply do a short questionnaire on my site, and from there I can help you narrow down and eventually find your future bestie, based on temperament and personality, not on breed and looks alone! It’s as easy as that! 

 So again, visit my website, email me at holly@thesearchisrover.comor call me at 770.356.9754 and let me help!!

Talk to you soon I hope!!

Holly Crymes