Saving a death row dog

To buy a puppy or adopt and save a shelter dog; that is a question many have. Recently, a friend contacted me and said her family was ready for a dog and she really wanted a yellow lab.  I said believe it or not there are plenty of labs from puppies to seniors out there needing homes, and to please consider adoption. She was on the fence about a puppy versus a rescue. So, she decided to put her name on a waiting list for a lab puppy, but continued to look for a dog to adopt. I told her there was nothing wrong of course buying from a (reputable) breeder, but to be sure and ask to see the puppy’s parents; make sure the mom isn’t being bred to death and used only as a means for someone to make money….because that happens ALL too often She agreed. Then the next day she texted with a picture of a yellow lab on a rescue site! This lab had been at a shelter with her sibling for a long time with no potential adopters, but the shelter workers couldn’t bear to put her down, so she kept getting another lifeline in hopes someone would find her. Well her time was finally up. They marked an X on her ear indicating she was to be euthanized due to lack of space. A volunteer/foster just happened to come to the shelter the day she was to be put down, and as she had fallen in love with her on previous visits, she decided she had to pull her right then. As fate would have it, my friend saw her on the rescue’s website and it was LOVE at first site! She adopted her. She saved a death row dog and her whole family couldn’t be happier!! So, meet Daisy and her new family!  I’ll just leave it right here with these pictures. They are worth a million words. ❤️🐶❤️🐶❤️